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Initiate background

Sanya International Forum launched • financial background

  Organized by China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC), and presented by CAIJING Magazine, the Sanya Forum is a high-profile platform convening top- ranking business executives, think-tank leaders and far-sighted policy makers to explore pressing issues facing the world and propose solutions.

  CAIFC is a social organization committed to promoting international non-governmental friendly exchanges and cooperation. It aims to achieve common development and prosperity and build a better and more harmonious world through a series of international and regional non-governmental friendly exchanges.

  Founded in April 1998 by the China Stock Exchange Executive Council, CAIJING Magazine has, for the past 15 years, closely adhered to its operating philosophy of “Independent Standpoint, Exclusive Coverage and Unique Perspective.” Through its extensive and comprehensive coverage of heated financial issues in China and beyond, CAIJING Magazine is highly respected as China’s most influential and forward-looking media outlet.

  With the theme of “Restructuring to Explore New Driving Forces for Growth,” prominent global leaders in politics, business and academia from China, the USA, Europe and Asia will gather to examine and propose targeted solutions to such pressing issues as China’s New Economic Challenges, Approach Towards Establishing Relations Between China and the US, Future Cooperation Between China and Europe as well as Asia-Pacific Regional Cooperation and Growth.

  The Sanya Forum will be held in the coastal city of Sanya in the southernmost tip of Hainan Province. In addition to its world-renowned beach resorts and natural resources, Sanya City stands out as one of China’s most rapidly developing and emerging cities.

  We look forward to greeting you in Sanya and sharing insight into global development.

Organization structure

Organization structure

Organized by:China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC)

Presented by:CAIJING Magazine

Strategic partner:The People’s Government of Hainan Province  
          The People’s Government of Sanya

Special support mechanism:The China Arts Foundation (CAF)

Partner:China Entrepreneur Club(CEC)  
     Peking University MBA Aluni Association
     China Mergers&Acquisitions

Lead Sponsor:FAW – Volkswagen Audi

     Serenity Coast·China

High-end holiday special sponsorship:Serenity Coast·China

Official Hotel:Sheraton Sanya Resort

Executive Partner:New Alliance Consulting International

Board of management

Board of management

Honorary Chairman:

XU Kuangdi,Former Vice Chairman, CPPCC; Honorary President, China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC)

Forum Chairman:LI Zhaoxing,Former Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China

Chinese Council Members:

DENG Rong,Vice President, China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC)

LIU Chuanzhi,Founder and Honorary Chairman, Lenovo Group

QIN Xiao,Chairman, Boyuan Foundation

LI Ruogu,Chairman & President, the Export-Import Bank of China

NING Gaoning,President, China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO)

Wang Xiaochu,Chairman, China Telecom Corporation Limited

MA Weihua,CEO & President, China Merchants Bank

WANG Boming,Chairman, SEEC Media Group Limited; Editor-in-Chief, CAIJING Magazine

HE Di,Director General, Boyuan Foundation

Overseas Council:Dr. Henry Kissinger,Former US Secretary of State

John Mack,Former CEO,Morgan Stanley

Peter Mandelson,CEO, Global Counsel; Former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

Laura Cha,Deputy Chairman, the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Forum Secretary General and Legal Person:

WANG Boming,Chairman, SEEC Media Group Limited; Editor-in-Chief, CAIJING Magazine

Vice Secretary General:

HE Di,Director General, Boyuan Foundation

The organizer

Sanya International Forum launched • The organizer

Brief Introduction to the China Association for International Friendly Contact

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC for short) was founded in Beijing in December, 1984 and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. It is a social community working on the international and regional non-governmental friendly exchange. The local international friendly associations are set up in provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and most cities in the mainland of China.

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact consists of standing leading agencies, board of directors and functional departments. The board of directors consists of present and previous senior government officials, social activists, diplomats, entrepreneurs, educationists, artists and famous scholars. The CAIFC keeps wide association with Chinese governmental departments and various social circles.

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact adheres to the aim of “promoting international non-governmental friendly exchange & cooperation and boosting world peace & development” and actively develops the friendly exchanges with foreign countries, establishing and developing friendly cooperative relations with over 60 countries and regions and carrying out friendly exchanges in politics, economy, society and culture.

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact puts focus on developing official and non-governmental friendly exchanges with other countries and establishes ties with government agencies, social party groups and political figures of many countries, enhancing mutual understanding & trust and playing a positive role in promoting the sound development of bilateral relations.

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact keeps wide association with foreign economic departments and personnel in business circle. The CAIFC actively makes China’s reform and opening up policy popular, introduces the economic development in China and conditions of market-oriented economic construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and promotes the economic contacts and cooperation between China and other countries.

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact actively promotes the cultural and educational exchanges with foreign countries. The CAIFC invites foreign groups and personnel in culture, education, media, arts, religion and sports to visit China and holds various types of subject investigations, cultural show, art show and sports games at home and abroad.

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact emphasizes the study on international issues and actively develops international academic exchange. CAIFC Peace and Development Research Center has a huge number of famous researchers and guest researchers at home and abroad, publishes Bimonthly Peace and Development, issues academic papers on international issues, holds international issues seminars and organizes communication between scientific researchers.

  The China Association for International Friendly Contact is energetically supported by Chinese government and various circles in the society. Chinese leaders cordially meet foreign guests invited by the CAIFC and the central and local governments and other departments fully support exchange activities of the CAIFC.

  In the new development period, people of all ethnic groups in China highly hold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Representatives”, further adhere to the scientific outlook on development, continue to emancipate the idea, put forward the reform and opening up, advance the scientific development and facilitate the social harmony, striving for the new success in building a well-off society in an all-around way. The CAIFC plays a role as a non-governmental friendly envoy and bridge for the cooperation between industries and tie for the cultural exchange in this great historic progress, making great efforts and due contributions to enhancing its friendship with people in other countries and regions and building a world characterized by the harmony, development, peace and prosperity.

The presenter

Sanya International Forum launched • The presenter


  After 15 years of growth, CAIJING Magazine has become the most influenti8al periodical in China specializing in finance and economics CAIJING Magazine keeps a close watch on China’s economic system reform and modern market economy progression by utilizing a network of journalists to gather first-hand information and presenting exclusive and authoritative perspectives. In addition, CAIJING observes and tracks defining measures, key governmental policies and capital markets building in terms of economic reform in China and stays abreast of major economic and political changes around the world

  With high circulation and member subscription, CAIJING is a specialized magazine centered on finance and economics and read by the most respectable audience in China.

Other institutions

Sanya International Forum launched • Other institutions

About Hainan

  Hainan is the smallest province of the People's Republic of China (PRC). The name "Hainan" also refers to Hainan Island, the main island of the province. Hainan is located in the South China Sea, separated from Guangdong's Leizhou Peninsula to the north by the shallow and narrow Qiongzhou Strait.


  Sanya (三亚18°15′12″N 109°30′13″E), known for its impressive beauty and esteemed visitors, is the southernmost ocean city on Hainan Island, located in the South China Sea. Just south of Guangdong province, and with Vietnam to the west and the Philippines to the southeast, Sanya’s prime location makes it significant for regional and international trading, business, and tourism.

  Covering nearly 2000 square kilometers, including 19 bays and harbors, and 40 islands, Sanya supports a rich array of natural landscape. With a lush mountainous terrain and an easy tropical climate, Sanya’s temperatures in December stay between 68F-82F degrees (20C-28C). This geography is home as well to rare tropical and mangrove forests. It’s abundant biodiversity has produced rising industries in fishery, fruit production, tourism, and clean energy. The government in Sanya builds on the city’s clean and green reputation, attracting visitors and businesspeople equally to its beautiful beaches, international events and conferences, and growing investment opportunities.

The China Arts Foundation (CAF)

  The China Arts Foundation (CAF), a non-profit organization provides a platform to satisfy both local and international demand by supporting art performances and cultural events that involves Sino−international relations and exchanges. Its mission includes initiation of Education programs to nurture and inspire local talents, Entertainment to enhance the audience understanding and appreciation of arts and culture and increased Exposure for artists to perform locally and abroad.


  HNA Group, founded in January 2000, offers services in air transportation, real estate, retailing, financial solutions, tourism, HNA Logistics, and other sectors. Its legal representative is Mr. Chen Feng. By Dec 31st, 2012, HNA Group's total asset had reached about 360 billion RMB and the total revenue, about 120 billion RMB.

The China Arts Foundation (CAF)

  The China Arts Foundation (CAF), a non-profit organization provides a platform to satisfy both local and international demand by supporting art performances and cultural events that involves Sino−international relations and exchanges. Its mission includes initiation of Education programs to nurture and inspire local talents, Entertainment to enhance the audience understanding and appreciation of arts and culture and increased Exposure for artists to perform locally and abroad.

The China Entrepreneur Club

  The China Entrepreneur Club is the premiere business leader platform in China. Established by 31 of China's most influential entrepreneurs, economists and diplomats in 2006, the CEC is a hub for Chinese entrepreneurial exchange, cooperation, and international collaboration. As a private non-profit organization, the CEC is committed to nurturing entrepreneurship and business integrity, while paving the future of sustainable economic and social development.

  CEC members represent the first generation of modern Chinese entrepreneurs. Members and member companies are proud to signify commercial success while abiding by the rules and regulations of the market economy. CEC members continue to set the example for sustainable competitiveness by actively engaging in public welfare initiatives and endorsing corporate social responsibility. CEC member companies are economic powerhouses, with 46 dynamic companies earning a total annual gross income of over two trillion RMB.

  The CEC mission and vision represent a set of core values for club members, employees and affiliates to live by. These values are the backbone of club activity, from International Visits and Member Company Visits, to the International Study Tour and Daonong Gala. Additional, the Green Companies Alliance and China Green Companies Summit exhibit a relentless pursuit of building sustainable, transparent green companies in China.

Peking University MBA Alumni Association

  Alumni achievement is an important standard to measure the business schools of world-class. It is one of the important Guanghua development strategies to continuously help the career development of alumni after graduation by making full use of the influence of Peking University and alumni network resources. Thus to achieve the goal of building Guanghua into a " business school of world-class". Guanghua School of Management of Peking University has the largest and the strongest MBA alumni network among all the business schools in mainland China. Since the first MBA Admissions in 1994, we currently have more than 8,000 MBA alumni, and the number is still increasing at an annual rate of nearly 600 people. Our alumni are widely distributed in the main battleground of the domestic economy, they are playing an increasingly important role for China's economic development.


  Inheriting the excellent tradition of "constant innovation", we have been striving for building up platforms for our alumni to update their knowledge, share experiences, discuss issues, and expand business opportunities, enhance friendship and seek professional development opportunities. We hope to play an active role for building Guanghua School of Management into a world-class business school.


  To meet the needs of Alumni career development and network expansion. To connect alumni with alumni, and alumni with the College. To build the Home of Alumni, Home of helping, Home of Learning, Home of Friendship

  Core Values

  Responsibility; Caring; Win-win

  Development concept

  To spread the influence of the Alumni Association and enhance cohesion among alumni; To help the alumni to enhance and realize their own value according to the changes of the times, To fulfill the social responsibility of Peking University MBA

China Mergers&Acquisitions Association

  The China Mergers & Acquisitions Association (CMAA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. CMAA is directly administrated by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, an authority administering registration and management of social organizations. Founded in September 2004, the CMAA is headquartered in Beijing with branch offices in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Japan, America and so on. CMAA provides the government and enterprises at home and abroad with a broad range of investment banking services such as strategic consultation, M&A practice, management advisory, assets appraisal, financial arrangement, legal and finance services. CMAA has been committed to communicating with elites from all walks of life and promoting China’s M&A market on a standard and mature basis, with a view to supporting Chinese enterprises during the process of globalization.

Peking Univirsity EMBA

  As the foundation of higher education,Peking University is one of the most outstanding universities in China.The school of economics which has hundred years of brilliant history is the cradle of the studies of economics and has played an important role as a pioneer in the development of Chinese economics since 1912.In recent years the school of economics is the first school offering Post-EMBA course in China,which provides a relearning platform for the elites who have already received MBA or EMBA education.We invite experts who teach in the Political Bureau of the central collective learning class,scholar officials,and famous specialists in many fields to teach in this course.Target students are entrepreneurs,political elites and opinion leaders.Through humanistic cultivation,philosophical learning and spiritual inspiration,our students will become the new leaders in political and business fields.Our students will also become new elites who have a global perspective,logical thinking and humanistic care.After recent practices and experiences our Post-EMBA course has already accepted more than 1000 elites.